Jacquinii x DODA

For the first time, the creative soul behind the brand Jacquinii has teamed up with DODA to create a complete jewellery collection of delicate drop earrings, beaded bracelets and necklaces.

Threading the bespoke nature of the brand through the new collection, each individual piece is constructed to replicate the same dedication Turkuaz (designer, founder and creative director of Jacquinii) had as a child collecting shells from the sandy beaches of Izmir, Turkey. Once a carefree barefooted adventure, now a carefully thought out curation of glass beads, pearls and semi-precious stones.

Turkuaz collects the beads from market stalls in the old historic town of Istanbul. Quaint and bursting with her heritage, she transforms the organic forms and natural materials into artisan designs for the modern woman. The handmade jewellery is made with a conscience for the environment and the harmony of the quirky coloured stones and elegant brass hooks offer a heavy dose of nostalgia for our childhood memories at the seaside. The collection explores the man-made trinkets entwined with inspiration from nature. And just like in nature, you might find the odd imperfection in a glass bead.

Turkuaz, the brand’s creative mind, was born and raised in Turkey and now lives between Istanbul and London. She founded the jewellery brand whilst studying in London in 2018 and savours every moment of the process herself, from design and production to photographing and styling. The Jacquinii x DODA collection transports us to a place with warm salty winds and distant sounds of the Mediterranean Sea. Somewhere a lot of us are longing to be right now. The marriage of an independent brand and a well-seasoned slow fashion guardian makes for a delectable collaboration. Expect to relive those nostalgic summer days. And we promise this collection will make a pretty addition to your jewellery box.

Written by Sidonie Wilson.

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